Listen to Sabot Media's round table discussion with participants and organizers of the recent DPG West, which took place this June 2 to 4th in the wild woods outside so-called Portland, Oregon. In the aftermath of the gathering we take time to reafirm connections made, review what worked well and what can improve next time.

To hear from some of the co-organizers of DPG West 2023 about the gathering and what to expect in the lead up to the event check out these media appearances on Sabot Media's Molotov Now! and It's Going Down's This Is America podcasts.

This Is America #186: May Day; Fight Against Cop City Continues; Cleveland Anarchist Killed in Ukraine

Here are the media appearances that the co-organizers of DPG Midwest 2023 did in the lead up to their event in Chicago:

This Is America #189: Rent Strike Grows in Eugene, Midwest Dual Power Conference, Trump Faces Indictment
Welcome, to This Is America, August 15th, 2023. In this episode, we speak with two organizers of the Midwest Dual Power Gathering, taking place in Chicago next week. We then speak with Candice King, a resident of Eugene, Oregon who is currently on rent strike, along with a local anarchist who is hel…